Monday, March 25, 2013

Surgery For Me

So if you follow me on Facebook then you have read all the doctor, er, testing updates.  My gallbladder sucks apparently.  I finally got my surgery approved and I will be happy to be done with it. I am nervous about having surgery though.  He said because I am obese (blech) that the chances of having to open me up are higher.  I am hoping that doesn't happen though.  Poor Blaze is having a hard time understanding the whole thing though.  I don't hide things from him and I try to explain them as clearly as possible but still keep it on his level.  He just doesn't like that they are going to cut me lol. 

We have had so much going on this year with it being Blaze's first year of school and him having all of the evaluations done.  He has been diagnosed as Asperger's and ADHD.  At separate times of course.  I can't believe the difference in him though since the beginning of this school year.  It really blows my mind that my son who didn't even recognize that letters had sounds is now trying to sound out everything he sees and is reading a lot.  His social skills have came a long way too and he doesn't have to wear his earmuffs nearly as often as he did.  He is really just a good kid.  I love him so much.  He is still below grade level though so he may have 2 years of kindergarten.  That was my suggestion at his first IEP meeting though.  You know, he is a very young kindergartner anyway since he turned 5 the day school started.  So he wouldn't be behind any other kids anyway.  His doc says he doesn't want him held back often and if we are going to do it to do it now because Blaze isn't going to be small and he will start looking out of place as he gets older and it will make him more likely to get made fun of.  I don't think that will be a problem though.  I have been thinking lately that he may not need to be held back though.  I want him to have a good educational foundation but I don't want him to get bored by having to do kindergarten all over again either.  We shall see what happens I guess.

It is tball season again and Blaze wanted to play.  His team is the Valley Point Timberwolves and he is so excited about playing.  I think he gets it a little more this year and is more focused too.  I can't wait to watch him play.  He is of course, the biggest on his team.  Although he is not the oldest haha.  My boy is going to be so big.


  1. Praying for your surgery and I'm glad they are doing something about it. It has been so long and you've suffered through this! I will be happy for you when it's all done and you feel great!

    So glad Blaze is doing so terrific in school - that is awesome. And the baseball... we're in it too this year again :)

  2. I hope the surgery goes well. I had the same thing done a couple of years ago. They almost switched to an open surgery but thankfully the surgeon just took his time.

    Hugs on the diagnoses, it is tough but it is good to have some support and to know where to go to get help.